Hydraulic Briquette Press

Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

Main Technical Parameters:
Type Power(KW) Capacity(Kg/H) Dimension(mm) Weight(Kg)
GC-HBP 60 5.5 60 1470x1480x600 650
GC-HBP 125 7.5 125 1470×1480×700 1100
GC-HBP 250 11 250 1800x1600x2000 2800
GC-HBP 350 22 350 1800x1900x2100 3500
GC-HBP 500 37 500 2000x2000x2100 4200
GC-HBP 1000 55 1000 2700x2300x2100 6000

Our hydraulic bio-brick making machine can use for briquetting all kinds of wood chip, straw residues, wasted papers, wasted clothes and wasted plastics to large masses. The briquettes are high density bioenergy products.

Briquettes Shapes: rectangle, octagon, hexagon, round, etc

High-performance hydraulic propelling device makes briquettes have good compactness, smooth surface, durable usage and easy to be carry and store.
Briquettes shapes can be designed based on customers'requirement.
High strength hydraulic system supply sufficient compressing drive. And with its cooling system, machine can work stably.
Imported material and high wear resistant pressure cylinder.
Automatic rotating extractor feeds constantly to ensure stable and sustainable production.
Briquettes' thickness can be adjusted.
Wood chip and straw stalk can be pressed to briquettes.
Same quality and performance as European standard, with lower price.
Company's logo can be graved on the briquettes by designing briquette presses specially.
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