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concrete batching machine

This machine is used to mix the grinded charcoal dust (charcoal powder) with water and binder etc. It can automatically discharge the mixed material without taken by hand.

The double paddle mixer is suitable for blending two or more powders /granules with various densities. Small quantity of liquid also can be sprayed during mixing.

Model Speed of main shaft (r/min) Power (kw) Producing Capacity Weight(kg) Overall Dimension (mm)
GCWJ2000 35 11 10-12 1600 3100×750×500
GCWJ2500 35 15 15-20 2100 4200×800×620
GCWJ3000 35 18.5 20-25 2900 4700×800×620

Features of double paddle mixer

  • Suitable for mixing of powders, granules and other materials
  • High efficient rapid mixing, shortens mixing time
  • Enhanced mixing uniformity