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Disc Huller

disc huller machine soybean decorticator

Disk Huller, also called Decorticator, is used not only to dehull the shells of oilseed like cottonseed, peanut inshell, also to crush oilseed like peanut, soybean etc.

Features of Disk Huller

  • Hulling Ratio reach to 99% and no whole seed left for second dehulling
  • The short lint is moved when de-corticating. In this complete line, we match the Fans & Cyclone which can collect the short lint, so it’ll be easier to separate the Hulls & Kernels and increase the protein content in cakes & meal. The other advantage is to keep the workshop in good clean working condition.
  • It’s convenient to operate and send back the foreign hard material.
structure of disc huller

Model GCBK71/91 Disk Huller Structure
1.Feeding Hopper & base
2.Feeding Leader & front cover
4.Behind Cover
5.Main shaft
6.Front Bearing Supporter
7.Behind Bearing Supporter
9.Adjusting System

Hot Selling Model GCBK127

This is the biggest model which is used in large oil mill. We got patent on structure & material. Through adding Stiring Wheel between the Fixed Disc & Moving Disc, increase the working area, thus, the production efficiency & capacity go up in times. Except the other feature of our traditional products, the special character is: higher capacity however power consumption reduced to 7.4KW/T material.

huller hulling machine
Model Capacity (t/d) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension(mm)
GCBK71 35 18.5 1100 1820*940*1382
GCBK91 50-60 30 1700 2160*1200*1630
GCBK127 100-170 37-45 2600 2400*1620*1980