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Hot Dog Machines

Roller Hot Dog Machine for Sale

hot dog machine hot dog machines

Features of Hot Dog Making Machine

  • A total of 11 axes, six axes before and after the shaft 5 with independent temperature control, can be baked or sausage;
  • Stainless steel stove body, non-stick coating at the end of shaft, durable;
  • High-performance heat pipe can be within 10 minutes to complete the warm-up process, 500 per hour sausages can be baked;
  • Simple, clean appearance, saving energy.
Model GCFX-05 Hot dog
machine with 5 Rollers
GCFX-07 Hotdog
machine with 7 Rollers
GCFX-09 Hotdog
machine with 9 Rollers
GCFX-11 Hotdog
machine with 11Rollers
Product size (cm) 58.5x32x23 58.5x38.5x23 58.5x45.5x23 58.5x52.5x23
Net Weight 10KGS 11KGS 13KGS 12KGS
Frequency 50/60HZs
Max Power 800W 1100W 1450W 1750W
Packing 1pc per package
Package Measurement
61x41x34 61x47.5x34 61x54.5x34 61x61.5x34
Material Stainless steel
Certificate CE,CCC

Household Single or Double Post Hot Dog Machine

  • rated voltage / power: 220V/350W
  • the application of a bullet-proof plastic-PC transparent material created by steamer, at the same time intestinal steamed hot dogs
  • the use of stainless steel pipe just for heating bread
  • steamed 8 minutes can make a delicious hot dog bag
  • Steaming to buy planes, can be steamed for five minutes 6 eggs
  • can be quickly steamed steamer can steam food, such as: steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun, corn and so on