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Cottonseed Hulling Process

Cottonseed Hulling Machine/Cottonseed Dehuller/Cottonseed Dehulling Machine

cotton seed dehuller

YBF series Tooth Roller Cottonseed Hulling Machine is designed against improvements based of the newest product of American IMPCO Corporation, with advantages of high dehull rate and high production capacity. Used to remove shells from nuts. The series Seeds Hulling machine can process various materials such as cotton seed, sunflower seed, tung oil tree seed, to break granulated raw materials, such as, soybean, and especially used to remove shell from cotton seed with villus, and suitable for removing shell from oil processing cotton seed. The patent for this equipment has been awarded by State patent office.

The cottonseed dehuller has the advantages of reasonable design, broad applicable scope, simple structure, high shell remove rate,less powder , low power consumption,small plant area, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and long service life. It is a suitable substitute for knife plate board style and disc style hullers.The best shell remove effect shall be achieved with cottonseed moisture rate of between 6 to 8%.

cotton seed huller

Specifications of Cottonseed Dehuller and Other Seeds Hulling Machine

Model Raw Material Capacity (t/d) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Overall Dimension(mm)
YBF I Cotton Seeds 60-100 22+1.1 4400 1832×1200×1260
Sunflower Seeds 150
Peanut Seeds 170
YBF II Cotton Seeds 90-150 37+1.1 6000 2332×1200×1260
Sunflower Seeds 220
Peanut Seeds 250

Technological Data of Cottonseed Dehuller and Other Seeds Huller

Raw Material Product
Impurity (%) Moisture (%) Hull Content in Seeds (%) Seeds Content in Hull (%)
Below 0.5% Cold Press 4.5-5%
Extruding, Hot Press 6-8%
Cold Press 4-6%
Extruding, Hot Press 3-4%