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peanut butter machine

Peanut Butter Machine

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Peanut Grinder

JM Series Peanut Grinder are new type of peanut processing equipment for the wet type super-micro grinding, suitable for the homogenization, emulsification and comminuting of the emulsions. The machine has advanced design, it can adjust rotate speed of rotors according to different demands from different materials, and users can exchange optionally the blast motor at different materials and working condition. The machine has ascendant efficacy (comminuting of the emulsions, spread around, emulsification, suitable for the homogenization etc.), the granularity processed can reach 2-60μm, the homogenization reach 95%. It is widely applied in the industrial productions of food (peanut butter, sesame jam, soy milk, dairy products, soft drinks and etc.), medicine (syrups, nutrition liquid, Chinese herb extracts, poultice and etc.), daily chemical products (tooth paste, cosmetic, washing agent and etc.), chemical industry products (pigment, dye, dope, lubricant, petroleum activator and etc.) and in the flotation and emulsification of the explosives.


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