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Feed Conveyor

Screw feeder is also called screw elevator, which is an auxiliary equipment in pellet mill plant. It is mainly composed of a feed box, conveyor, outlet and drive unite. A screw feeder provide materials for the pellet mill efficiently and uniformly. The conveying speed can be adjusted to reduce the current surge and protect the electric motor.

feeder in small pellet plant

Features of Screw Feeder

The screw feeder have advantages of small volume, high rotation speed and quick and uniform transmission, and features high loading capacity, reliable performance, wide adaptability, easy installation and operation, long service life. Meanwhile, the shell is constituted by seamless steel pipe, with good leak tightness. The end parts are connected by high-stiffness flange.

Portable Screw Feeder

portable screw feeder
screw feeder and wood pellet machine


portable screw feeder Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Cylinder Length(m) Weight(kg) Packing Size(mm)
SLLX50YP 1.5 0-1000 2.5 180/220 2800*850*740
SLLX75YP 2.2 0-1500 3 250/270 3300*850*740
SLLX150YP 3 0-2000 3 310/330 3300*850*800

Performance features

  • The motor type is YVP90L-4, power 1.5KW, 380V
  • Equipped with wheels, convenient to move.
  • Low transportation cost.
  • The support frame is detachable, which can be packaged in small size.
  • With a variable frequency motor, you can adjust the rotating speed and amount of transmission.

Belt Conveyor


The belt conveyor is to convey materials by belt moving in feed pellet plant.

Bucket Elevator

bucket elevator for feed mill

The belt conveyor is to convey materials by belt moving in feed pellet plant.

Screw Conveyor

screw conveyor-feed pellet plant

The screw conveyor is to convey powder material by rotating screw.

Scraper Conveyor

scaper conveyor-feed pellet plant

The scraper conveyor is to convey material by scraper paddle.