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Feed Mixer

Feed pellets and biomass pellets are usually made of multiple raw materials. By mixing different kinds of raw materials, the feed pellets achieves better nutrition value. If pellets are made of a mixture of fine and crude feed, they are likely to have better taste and easier for animals to digest. Feed mixer is design to mix multiple raw materials uniformly. It applies to small feed processing plant and livestock farms. Besides, mixer can be used to blending other materials, it is also applicable to coating, powder and chemical industry.

There are two types of feed mixer: vertical mixer and horizontal mixer.

Vertical feed mixer

vertical feed mixer

Vertical mixer features compact structure, small floor space, low power consumption and low dust emission. You can connect it with a self-suction hammer mill, which applies to small-scale feed processing plant and farm.

Model(Vertical) Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Package Size(mm)
HLL500 2.2 1000 1930*600*1100
HLL1000 2.2 2000 2309*836*1200

Horizontal feed mixer

horizental feed mixer

Horizontal mixer is high-efficiency feed processing equipment. It features simple structure, reliable performance and easy operation and maintenance. It can mix materials uniformly within short time, with little residues. It plays an important component in pellet mill plant, widely used in middle and small livestock farm.

Model(horizontal) Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Package Size(mm)
HLW150 1.5 600 1930*600*1100
HLW250 4 1000 2309*836*1200
HLW500 7.5 2000 2974*910*1400
HLW1000 15 4000 3480*1260*1800

Working principle

When the propeller rotates, the wheel chamber together with raw materials are send into the conveying pipe, and propelled to the top of mixing tank, where the raw materials scatter uniformly and keep tumbling in all directions. After several rounds, the materials are well mixed.

Double Shaft Feed Mixer

feed mixer for pelletizing

Double Shaft Mixer is with two shaft padding in chamber.

Single Shaft Feed Mixer

Feed Pelletizing Mixer Feed Pelleting Mixer

The double shaft feed mixer is with one paddle shaft in chamber.

Drum Type Feed Mixer

Feed Pellet Mixer

The drum type feed mixer is with drum shape of chamber.

Taper Type Feed Mixer

Feed Taper Pellet Mixer

The taper shaft feed mixer is with one paddle shaft in chamber.

Pan Mixer

Pan Mixer

TEKA THZ 3000 pan mixer

  1. TEKA pan mixer THZ are pan mixers for batching operations, and are available in size from 750 to 4500 liter filling capacities.
  2. TEKA pan mixer, for all concrete applications such as: ready-mix concrete, precast, concrete products, etc.
  3. The mixing pan floor and the outer walls of TEKA pan mixer are protected by exchangeable wear liner made of A.R. steel plate.
  4. The discharge gate of TEKA pan mixer is assembly, used to remove the batch from the mixer, is a complete component bolted to the mixer pan floor.