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Flat Die

Pellet mill flat die appear as a disk with many holes on it. The dimension of holes varies from 2.5mm to 10mm to apply to different raw materials. When you feed raw materials into the pellet mill, they are squeezed into the holes by roller, and come out in the form of hard pellets. There are blades under the flat die that cuts them into certain length.

Our flat die are made of superior alloy steel and processed by advanced drilling machine. With strict standard, the die features high accuracy and good pelletizing effect.

The size of feed pellets for different animals are varied. We can provide flat die with the hole diameter from 2.5mm to 10mm, and customize it to meet your requirement.

pellet mill flat die pellet mill die

Flat die check and maintenance

Check the flat die every time before launching. Maker sure there is no debris or abrasion on the die. Under normal working condition, the life span of flat die is 300-500 hours. You can change to the other side when one has worn out.

To reduce the wear of flat die, we recommend you to reverse it after a certain time, don’t wait until it totally wears out. Especially for thinner die, reverse it from time to time can extend working life. If both sides wear out, you have to replace it with a new one.

The flat die and roller are easy to disassemble. Just loosen the lock nuts on both sides, remove the upper chassis, and you can take out them. We provide original spare parts for replacement.

manufacture flat die flat die processing

How to choose Flat Die

The distribution of holes on flat die have something to do with productivity. But it doesn’t mean the more the better. You’d better pay attention to the shape and uniformity of the holes. If the holes are distributed disorderly, sometimes even overlap others, that must be defective.

To reduce the power consumption, some manufactures reduce the contact area of roller and die by reducing the quantity of holes on flat die. Although the power is lowered, the pellet mill productivity is greatly weakened.

The thickness of flat die is another common concern. It not better of the die is thicker or thinner. What determine the quality of pellet is compression ratio, which is determined by the thickness and rotation speed. Besides, the compression ratios for different raw materials are varied. You cannot judge a flat die quality by a single factor.

die and roller pellet mill flat die

Advantages of Flat Die

  • The flat die is made of superior alloy steel. We have extended its life span to as long as 800 hours. It has longer service life because both sides are usable.
  • We realize the best compression ration for more than 30 kinds of raw materials after a multitude of strict test.
  • We can customize the hole diameter of flat die according to your needs and provide original spare parts at favorable price for you convenience.
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