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flour plansifter

Plansifter is one of the main equipment in milling plants. It is mainly used to sieve and grade materials after grinding. It is equipped with diversified sieves to adapt to different sizes. The plansifter consist of a central drive unit and 2 lateral cabins hosing the sifting channels. Thank to the high sieving performance, solid structure and reliability, it has become the most popular and safe sifting equipments.

Plansifter also have wide applications in chemical, medicine, plastic and wine industries, for it is efficient in granular material sieving and classification.

Model Number of Grid Sieve Specifications
Case Number Weight
FSFG4×24C 4 640×640 18~28 2750 4
FSFG6×24E 6 640×640 18~28 3750 5.5
FSFG8×24FA 8 740×740 18~28 6600 11
FSFG6×24G 6 640×640 18~28 3750 5.5
FSFG8×24G 8 640×640 18~28 4800 7.5
FSFG10×24H 10 740×740 18~28 7300 15
FSFG4×28H 4 740×740 20~30 3700 5.5

KFSP series flour plansifter

flour cleaning machine

KFSP series flour plansifter produced by our factory has advanced level at home, which is pressed by large molding machine with special high-quality alloy steel plate. The technology is through the milling & boring machining center from Germany. It is a new product with hi-tech, high-quality and performance.

KFSP series plan-sifter adopts precision motor with compact and firm structure, reliable tightness, easy operation and installation. It has strong sieving capability for its various sieving routes.