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Large Set of Flour Mill Plant

large set of flour mill plant

The complete set of flour mill plant is designed to meet the demand of global economy. It has large scale, constituted by break system, scratch system and reduction system, which can undertake the complete process of flour milling. The machine features high efficiency and continuous operation. The flour made by this machine present good color and fine gluten.

The flour grinding machine can process several kinds of flour. The purifier adopts a pneumatic lift to convey the stocks, while the screen room adopts bucket elevator. The dry cleaning effect is satisfying. The workshop environment is sanitary.

large wheat flour mill plant
flour mill workshop

Layout of flour mill plant

layout of flour mill plant

The total workshop area is about 435.2 m2, 27.2*8*2 stories
The total length of the roller is 35*2=420cm
The volume of added water: to temper the moisture content of wheat to 3%, it needs 1.5t water within 24hours.

Main equipments in Flour Mill Plant

The part of cleaning The part of Marking flour
No The name and specification of equipment QTY No The name and specification of equipment QTY
1 PH-50 grain separator 3 1 6F-35 flour milling machine 3
2 DMW-30*60 style scourer 2 2 GFY-200 style air-lock 2
3 QSX-56 style sucking stoner 2 3 150 style auger 2
4 Magnetic separator 1 4 FSFJ2*13*83 plansifter with two nest of sieve 1
5 FZSH damper 1 5 6-30-7# style high pressure fan 1
6 4-72-11 style low pressure fan 2 6 Bagging-box 2
7 150 style auger 4 7 Pneumatic system of making flour 4
8 Four-cyclone 1 8 30 style bran sieve 1
9 Bucket elevator 4 9 TBCM-39b pulse cloth pot dust filter 4

Main parameters of Flour Grinding machine

Output 50T per day
The quality of the flour Conform the stipulation of China GB 1355-864
The total power 157.95KW
Power consumption per ton wheat 60.65KW*h
The voltage 380V*50HZ.
Weight about 50 ton
Bulk 160M3