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Flour Packing Machine

flour packing machine

Flour packing machine is an essential equipment in flour mill plant. It is used to package grain flour into bags of uniform weights in an efficient way. Flour packing machine plays an important role in small, medium and large scale flour mill plants. It can dramatically reduce the labor cost.

This type of flour packing machine is made of high quality materials, ensuring high packing efficiency and long service life.

Flour Packing Machine Specifications

Weighting scope 20-50KG
Speed 5-7bag/min
Power 3.5kw
Voltage 380V/50Hz (can customize)
Pressure of compressor P≥0.6Mpa, Q≥1.2m3/h
Size 960*972*2490mm

Full automatic flour packing machine

automatic flour packing machine

An automatic flour packing machine can realize automatic weighting, bagging, filling, transmission and sealing. It applies to other granular materials like feed, rice, corn, seed, beans and some chemical stuff.

It has such advantages of waterproof, dustproof, good human-machine interface automatic fault diagnosis, security protection, easy adjustment and maintenance.

Features of automatic packing machine

  • With lifting bag structure, the packing speed and stability is greatly improved.
  • It can function well even the packing bag is unqualified. This can reduce your production cost.
  • It is equipped with automatic fault diagnosis system, keeping the machine under safe state.
  • Friendly human-machine interface makes it convenient to operate, adjust and maintain.

Automatic packing machine specifications

Packing Weight Packing Speed Power Supply
10, 20kg 3-5 Package/min
varied for different materials
AC380V, 50HZ
packaged flour flour packing bags