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Vibrating Sieve

Vibrating separator is used for wheat flour milling, maize flour milling and rice milling, as well as cleaning and grading of granular materials in other industries. Equipped with a uniform material cleaning device, it can remove the impurities thoroughly.

viberating sieve viberating sieve in flour mill plant

Features of Vibrating Separator

  • Effective in removing impurity, with large output.
  • The main parts are well enclosed, preventing dust in public.
  • The screen mesh adopts high elastic rubber, preventing any block.
  • The machine is made of imported high quality steel plate, prolonging the life-span of screen.

TQLZ series vibrating screen

This type of vibrating screen adopts double vibration motor to drive the screen to do alternating movement, so as to clear away impurities from grains. The outlet is equipped with a vertical suction pipe or a circulation air separator to remove the dust and light impurities.

vibration grain separator vibrating separator
Model Sieve Size Capacity (t/h) Power (KW) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)(L×W×H)
Pre-cleaning Cleaning
TQLZ80×100 80×100 20 6 2×0.25 360 1440×1610×1455
TQLZ100×100 100×100 30 8 2×0.25 420 1640×1610×1455
TQLZ100×150 100×150 50 12 2×0.37 520 2140×1610×1455
TQLZ100×200 100×200 60 16 2×0.37 540 2640×1610×1455
TQLZ150×150 150×150 75 18 2×0.55 630 2140×2160×1455
TQLZ150×200 150×200 100 24 2×0.75 650 2640×2160×1455
TQLZ180×200 180×200 120 26 2×1.1 1000 2740×2510×1980

KQLZ Vibration Grain Separator

KQLZ Vibration Grain Separator is a multifunction machinery made by advanced technology, which is used for material pretreatment and cleaning. Adopting high frequency and small vibrating amplitude motor, it can efficiently separate and clean impurities of different sizes.

It is widely used to sift wheat, oil, corn, paddy and rubber etc, thus popular in flour mill plant; rice plant feed works, food plant, oil plant, chemical plant and so on.

The design and structure is simple and advanced, the fine cleaning effect, high capacity and small volume, convenient adjusting, simple maintain, low noise, no pollution, it is a ideal cleaning equipment.