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Small Set of Flour Mill Plant

M6FTY-10 Type Flour Mill Plant

small flour mill plant

M6FTY-10 small scale flour mill plant is a complete set of flour milling machines. It is regarded as a scaled-down version of the large one. You can achieve high efficiency with low investment. The small set of flour mill plant features scientific design and continuous production, little space taking, easy to operate and maintain.

Performance features of M6FTY Flour Mill Plant

  • The flour mill plant can be customized according to your requirement.
  • The whole plant cover a space of 6.6X3.8X3.5(m)
  • The power consumption is 26.5kw, which is under the state standard.
  • The tempering tank has 2 parts, with the size of each is L x W x H=0.9x1.5x1.5(m)

Main flour milling machines

No Name of equipment Specification Number
1 flour-milling machine M6FY-35 two sets
2 Fan 6-23NO-5C one set
3 Fan 8-18NO-4A one set
4 reel separator 30 style four sets
5 stoner QS-40 one set
6 scourer 6NF-90 two sets
7 air-lock GFY-150 four sets
8 sliding separator 30 style one set
9 auger 150x1000 one set
10 beater 20 one set