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Horizontal Scourer

horizontal scourer
Horizontal scourer is mainly used to clean wheat. It can eliminate the dirt on the surface of wheat and clear away clod and metamorphic wheat, and decrease the bacterial quantity, get ride of pests and empty kernels.

Features of Horizontal Scourer

  • Specialized in wheat scour, easy to operate and maintain, the cleaning effect is satisfying.
  • The screen can be disassembled, which facilitate maintenance.
  • The knock out plate is made of wear-resistant steel plate, features long service life.
  • The screen mesh adopts special material, with long service life and good classification effect.
Model Capacity(t/h) Power(KW) Weight(kg) Dimensions (L×W×H)mm
FDMW 40×100 5-8 5.5 650 2100×920×1680
FDMW 40×100×2 8-16 11 1300 2100×1200×1680
FDMW 40×150 8-12 7.5 750 2600×920×1680
FDMW 40×150×2 12-25 15 1500 2600×1200×1680

FDMW series wheat scourer

FDMW series intensive wheat scourer is an ideal wheat cleaning equipment. It contains 2 steps cleaning process.

In pre-cleaning process, the strong strike and friction greatly reduce the pest and empty kernel quantity, and remove dust and small pest pieces in grains.

In second-cleaning process, the peeled husk can be moved away by dampening. This wheat scourer is equipped with a vertical air suction pipe or a self-circulation aspirator, which can clear away the dust on wheat surface in time.

wheat scourer