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Flour Mill Plant Projects

Turn-Key Project Of Flour Mill Plant

1st floor flour mill plant
2nd floor flour mill plant
3rd floor flour mill plant
4st floor flour mill plant
5st floor flour mill plant
6st floor flour mill plant

After decades of technology accumulation, we have made great headway in manufacturing equipments for flour mill and grain processing. To adapt to the diversity of flour mill industry and various demand of customers, we design complete set of flour mill plant according to the condition and requirement of clients.

Floor type flour mill plant

floor type flour mill plant

In the light of different requirement and situation of clients, floor type flour mill can have 4 to 6 layers.

Steel-frame Structure Flour Mill Plant

steel frame structure floor mill plant flour mill plant

Flour mill plants adopting steel-frame structure usually have 2 or 3 layers. This structure is popular for the low cost and investment, and quick returns.