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Rotary Sieve

rotary sieve rotary sieve

Rotary sieve plays an important role in grain cleaning process. It is used to separate impurities of different sizes from granular materials, such as wheat, rice, corn and other grains. According to the size of raw materials, you should choose varied sieve plate. This series of sieve machine have advantages of high yield, low energy consumption, good cleaning effect, with no dust winnowing outside.

Features of Rotary Sieve

  • This type of sieve is efficient in removing impurities, with large output.
  • The machine is sealed well to prevent dust from getting in.
  • The high elastic rubber ball dramatically reduce the blocking rate.
  • The screen frame is made of high quality steel plate, which guarantee long service life.
  • The sieve of rotary separator is easy to disassembly, replace and repair, which can save your maintenance cost.
Model Diameter(mm)(W*H) Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg) Power(KW) Dimensions(mm)(L*W*H)
TQLM63 1000*630 2-3 500 0.55 1355*936*946
TQLM80 1500*800 3-5 635 0.75 2120*1265*1645
TQLM100 1500*1000 5-8 750 0.75 2120*1465*1645
TQLM125 1500*1250 8-12 885 1.1 2120*1715*1645
TQLM160 1600*1500 12-16 996 1.5 2120*2065*1645

Cylinder screen

cylinder screen

The cylinder screen is installed in grain receiving section of flour mill plant. It contains 2 cylindrical screen. The inner one serves to separate coarse impurities like straw particle, string, paper, wood pieces, maize stalk and cobs from cereals. The outer cylindrical screen serves to remove the small impurities in grains. The dust separator can eliminate dust and light impurities.

Model Cylinder diameter
Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Size (mm)
SCY63 630 20 0.75 390 1585*760*1334
SCY80 800 36 1.1 468 1795*980*1644
SCY100 1000 80 1.5 910 2190*1200*1820
SCY120 1200 100 2.2 1280 2360*1400*2014

TQLM series rotary sieve

Our rotary sieve can clear away the impurities in grain by circular motion of the screen. And there is a vertical suction pipe or a circulation air separator at the outlet to remove the dust and light impurities in grains. You can equip it with sieves of different sizes to process the impurities in wheat, maize/corn, rice, beans, etc.

TQLM series plane rotary grain separator use special balanced manner, so that the process of screening ship movement in all directions of the inertial forces have been perfectly balanced.

The rear elastic support, so little vibration, low noise, and the machine before, during, respectively, rear is a circle movement, elliptical motion and reciprocating linear motion and have a screen surface cleaning device, and thus yield, screening, high efficiency, small power consumption. Pellet crushing machine is used in the classification and secondary material recycling crushing process, as well as some clean-up and grading of grain powder processing.