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Jatropha Oil Expeller

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Jatropha Oil Expeller

Referred to Jatropha Oil Expeller, we first let to master some knonwleage of Jatropha crops. Jatropha oil has a great prospects for the development of the bio diesel processing. It is one of high oil content plants, which is a kind of good raw material for bio diesel processing, known as the "gold tree" by biomass energy expert. Belongs to clean renewable energy, biodiesel is a type of plant oil and methanol transesterification for the manufacture of fatty acid methyl ester, which is a clean bio-fuel known as "renewable fuel"or "green diesel" etc. Jatropha oil expeller is developed by our company with the needs of bio diesel processing.

In recent years, Jatropha Oil Expeller have wide market because the research on use of jatropha oil as fuel has been progressed faster. The bio diesel modified by jatropha oil could be applied to all kinds of diesel engines, with flash point, freezing point, sulfur content, emissions of carbon monoxide, particulate value , and other key technologies better domestic diesel, up to Europe II emission standards.

Jatropha Oil Expeller is the first process to extract crude oil for biodiesel. Known as "biodiesel tree" in bio diesel processing field, jatropha curcas can grown to seed from the beginning of the second year for more than 30 years long. A matured jatropha curcas can seed three times per year, with 5-8 kg fruit product each time. With the use of GC series Jatropha oil expeller, it can produce 30% oil from the material.

The Capacity of Jatropha Oil Expeller can be ranged at different capacties for different users. Jatropha oil is renewable and biodegradable compared to rock oil. When burning bio-diesel made from Jatropha oil more cleaner than fossil fuels, generated less carbon dioxide when burning. For the more and more popular of bio diesel processing, Jatropha Oil Expeller is becoming our main mission on study of technology development in oil pressing field.