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YZS-95A Integrated Oil Press

95a screw expeller
Model Capacity Power Packing Dimensions Weight
YZS-95A Integrated Oil Press 5T/24H 7.5+0.75KW 2250x890x1820mm

The YZL-95A Integrated Oil Press are a new type of oil expeller optimized from the old Model YZL-95. The YZL series Integraed oil seed expellers are a kind of new vegetable oil processing equipments combined with heating, pressing and filtering process.

After full analyse, earnest study and discuss, repeated practise, continuously prefection, we develop the YZL-95A integerated oil press with multi-use, not only remains the original merits of the old model but also removes the deficiency. The new oil press keep big capacity and improve the oil extraction rate after more suitable pressure.

The application of automatic heating pipe and vacuum filtering barrels can make the extracted crude oil clean at one time of filter, which make it more efficient. The expeller press can clean pressed the raw material one time at hot press and twice at cold press.

Oil Yield and Dry Cake Residue for Different Materials

Raw Material Raw Material In-feed per 24 hours (KG/HR) Oil Output Per 100kg of Raw MaterialKG) Dry Cake Residual
Peanut 4000-6000 35-45 7
Soybean 4000-5000 10-14 6-7
Sesame 4000-6000 44-47 6.5-7.5

YZS-95A integrated oil press