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YZS-60 Integrated Oil Press

YZS-60 integrated oil press
Model Capacity Power Voltage Packing Dimensions Weight Vacuum Pump
YZS-60 Integrated Oil Press 30KG/H 2.2KW 380V 600 x 650 x 880mm 210KG 4L

The YZS-60 integrated oil press is efficient in expelling oil from sesame seed, walnut, peanut seed, sunflower seed, rape seed and other raw materials.

Thanks to the small size and light weight, it is convenient to move and operate, especially suitable for vegetable market, supermarket, bazaar in the countryside, or even at home.

The YZS-60 oil press can expel and filter oil at the same time automatically, with high efficiency and yield. It is constituted of 4 main parts: oil press, filter press, feeder and electrical cabinet.

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