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TXP-160 Screw Extruder

TXP-160 type screw extruder is used to extrude oil-bearing materials like soybean seed and rice bran. It plays a role in rice bran stabilization treatment and bean extruding in cereal and oil industries, as well as making expanded feeds in oil mills, feed mill, rice mills and soybean protein factories.

As one of our patent products, this screw extruder has won the National New Product Certificate granted by the State Science and Technology Commission.

screw extruder

Working principle of Screw Extruder

The Extruder adopts a non-equidistant system. In the extruding chamber, the action of extrusion, friction and shearing gives rise to high pressure and temperature, thus transferring mechanical energy to thermal energy. When raw materials are charged out from the outlet, they are expanded and formed.

Structure of Screw Extruding machine

screw extruder structure

The TXP-160 extruder integrates the functions of feeding, heating and extruding. It is mainly composed of a feeding device, an extruding device, driving system and an electric control cabinet.

Main Parameters of Screw Extruder

Items Unit Parameters
Treating capacity (output) kg/h 650~1350
Rotating speed of main shaft r/min 630
Rotating speed of feeder r/min 200~400
Power of main motor kw 55
Power of feeding motor kw 2.2
Power consumption kw•h/t 35~58
Noise dB 82
Treatment temperature 80~140
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) mm 2150×2100×1280
Weight of machine kg 1800

Installation Precautions

  • The machine need installing on flat base with foundation screws. Remain enough space around it in order to make it convenient for discharge, transmission, packing and maintenance.
  • The electric control cabinet need to be equipped with a incoming line that fit the motor power.
  • To install the connector of speed control gauge, you need first align its keyways with the protuberant rib, and insert the connector, and then tighten the fastening helicoids.

Trial Run Precautions

  • Clean the feed materials thoroughly and eliminate all impurities especially hard object like metals.
  • The proper moisture content of raw materials is 12-14%. It is forbidden to feed oil-bearing materials whose moisture content is under 8%.
  • To ensure the continuous table production of the extruder, you are required not to feed raw materials intermittently or keep the machine idling.

Applications of TXP-160 Screw Extruder

Scrrew extruder package

Oil Extraction

The oil made by extruding and extracting method present bright color and less acid content. It is suitable for making high-quality cooking oil. What’s more, as the extruding process increase the weight of materials, the extruder can improve the production capacity and reduce the residual oil rate to under 1%.

When raw materials are fed into the Extruder, they are heated up to about 110℃. After they are expanded and formed, they are sprayed out through the outlet. Besides, the high temperature caused by mechanical friction can inhibit the activity of teichomycin and kill come fungi and microorganism. This is conducive to prolong the shelf life.

Rice bran Extruding and Extracting

Rice bran → Cleaning → Extruding and Forming → Oil Extracting

Water content of expanded and stabilized bran is 7 ~ 9% and its acid value will rise to about 1mg KOH/g averagely after being stored for one month.

Soybean extruding and extracting

Soybean → Cleaning → Grinding→ Softening→Flaking→ Extruding→ Cooling and drying→ Extracting

Soybean→ Cleaning → Grinding (Particle size3mm) →Extruding → Cooling and drying → Extracting

Producing Soybean Protein

Soybean → Cleaning → Softening → Flaking → Extruding(Soybean smell removal and urease → inactivation → Low temperature Pressing and Extraction → Soybean protein Production

The activity of urease UA is under 0.4 after extruding

Rice and rice bran processing

Raw rice → Cleaning → Husking → Paddy Separation → Rice Milling → Broken rice separation → Finished White Rice

Rice bran → Extruding, forming and keeping fresh → Cooling and Drying → Packing → Finished Stabilized Bran → Reach oil plant or feed plant

Making formula feed

Soybean→Cleaning→Grinding→Extruding, soybean smell removal and ripping→ Making formula feed or other use.