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Vibrating Seed Sieve

Vibrating Sieving Machine

oil seeds sieve

The Oil Seeds Sieve is used to separate the different sizes of oil seeds material into different levels. It can sieve the the seeds by single layer, or 2-3 layers. The oil seeds sieving machine is special equipped to small scale oil extraction. The machine is vibrating sieving machine features high efficiency, simple operation, low consumption and easy maintenance. The oil seeds sieve is used for cleaning before oil press.

Characteristics of Vibrating Sieving Machine

Single Layer after screening work, separated from the grinding stone.

Three Layer the use of vibrating objects with the grinding stone when the separation of the roll, the size difference between the use of separation is similar to the work hours were more difficult. Filter network can be changed, easy to operate.

Application of Vibrating Sieving Machine

Automatic selection, the objects of different sizes Isolation and grinding stone.