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LYZX-12 Oil Expeller

LYZX-12 Oil Expeller
Capacity Power Weight Dimension
5-6T/D 22+0.75+1.1KW 4000(4300)㎏ 3300(3580)×1000×2380mm

The LYZX12 multifunctional low-temperature oil press is applicable to wide range of vegetable oil seeds, like rapeseed kernel, hulled rapeseed kernel, peanut kernel, chinaberry kernel perilla seed, tea seed, sunflower kernel, walnut kernel, cotton seed, etc. Meanwhile, it applies t special oil seeds, and have better pressing effect.

Features of LYZX-12 Oil Press

  • The pressing temperature is low, and the protein denaturation in cake is low.
  • Compact structure, convenient operation, continuous high-efficiency working, components are durable.
  • It is convenient to connect with other support machines to form a oil press plant.

Pressing Capacity for different Materials

Raw Materials Capacity(t/24h) Rate of residual oil in cake(%)
Hulled rapeseed kernel 5 ~ 6 4.5 ~ 8.5
Peanut kernel 4 ~ 4.5 4.5 ~ 9.0
Chinaberry seed kernel 5 ~ 6 6.0 ~ 10.0
Perilla seed kernel 5.0 ~ 9.0
Sunflower kernel 6.0 ~ 9.5