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YZS-70 Integrated Oil Press

YZS-70 integrated oil press
Model Capacity Power Voltage Packing Dimensions Weight Vacuum Pump
YZS-70 Integrated Oil Press 50KG/H 4KW 380V 1000*1000*1250mm 256KG 4L

YZS-70 integrated oil press is an advanced screw oil expeller. It features simple structure, wide adaptability, handy operation, which can extract and filter oil simultaneously. It can work continuously with high oil yield.

Applications of YZS-70 Integrated Oil Press

The YZS-70 oil expeller can process wide range of oil bearing materials like sesame, peanuts, rapeseeds, cotton seed, etc. It is a type of cold oil press. The raw materials can be directly fed into the preheated machine without pre-cooking.

In addition, YZS-70 integrated oil can adopt diesel engine as drive motor, which facilitate working in the supermarket, vegetable market, bazaar in the countryside, or even at home

About Cold Pressing

Cold press refers to a mechanical process that separate oil from seed by pressure only, without heat or chemical treatment. Cold press is a superior technology because it avoid destroying the natural structure and property of oil.