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YZS-100 Oil Press

6yl-100 oil press
Model YZS-100 Screw oil press
Capacity 4-5MT/24H
Power 7.5KW & 15HP
Size 1910*610*765mm
Weight 550kg

The YZS-100 oil presses are spiral type pressing expeller for oil extraction. It has the advantages of low investment, effortless operation, wide adaptability in all kinds of oil seed material and high oil production rate, which welcomed by customers who deal with vegetable oil extraction at small or middle capacity.

The YZS series oil presses are suitable for pressing oil from rape seeds, soybean, peanut, cottonseeds, sunflower seeds, ground-nuts,grass seeds, tung oil seeds, jatropha seeds and other oil seeds materails from vegetable oil crops.

make peanut oil with YZS100 oil press

The YZS series products are in accordance with the standard JB/T9793.1-1999 in China. Their quality are authorized by CE certificate and ISO9000. The durable performance and reasonable design of our press expeller also accepted by all of our customers all the world. We have much long term cooperaiton with our clients for many years.

Structure of YZS-100 Oil Press

YZS-100 oil press machine is a screw-driven oil making machine that mainly composed of feeder, gear box, pressing cage, screw shaft and the machine stand.

structure of YZS100 Oil Press

Technical Parameters of YZS-100 Oil Press

Shaft speed 30-40 r/m
Gear ratio in gearbox 15/40×15/55=1:9.78
Motor 7.5KW 1440rpm
Belt B type 3150-4000mm

Oil Output and Residues rate for Different Materials

Raw Material Feeding/hour(kg) Oil Output /100 kg (for raw material) Oil Residue(%)
Rape seeds/ canola seeds Hot-press 3500-4000 30-35 7.5-8
Cold-press 1800-2000 28-35
Ground nuts Hot-press 3500-4500 35-45 7
Cold-press 1000-1500 32-40
Soya bean Hot-press 3300-3800 10-14 6.5-7
Cold-press 1700-2500 8-14
Sesame seeds Hot-press 3500-4000 44-47 6.5-7.5
Cotton seeds Cold-press 2000-2500 10-14 5.5-6.5