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YZP-24 Oil Expeller

LYZX24 Oil Press

LYZX-24 Oil Press
Capacity Power Weight Dimension
20-25T/D 75+7.5KW 10500KG 4535×2560×3055mm

LYZX-24 multifunctional low-temperature press is used to press various oil seed like rapeseed kernel, hulled rapeseed kernel, groundnuts kernel, chinaberry kernel perilla seed, tea seed, sunflower kernel, walnut kernel, cottonseed and so on.

LYZX-24 screw oil press adopts cast iron in its base. Its structure is simple and easy for maintenance. The special gearbox keep the machine running steadily. To promote the pressing effect, main parts of the chamber go through high and low temperature quenching. Beside, the oil cake present superior quality, and you can adjust the cake thickness when the machine stops.

Capacity and Residue Oil Rate

Oilseeds Capacity(t/24h) Rate of residual oil in cake(%)
Hulled rapeseed kernel 45-50 15-17
Peanut kernel 40-45 15-17
Chinaberry seed kernel 40-45 15-17
Perilla seed kernel 45-50 12-15
Sunflower kernel 45-50 10-12

YZP-24 Oil Expeller

68 screw expeller
Capacity 16~22t/24hrs
Power (kw) 30+15V(380V,50Hz)
Net Weight 5500 kg (approx)
Overall Dimensions(mm) 2900×1850×3640(L×W×H)
Electric motor Y225-M-6, 1000R.P.M.
30kw. 220/380V, 50Hz
Residual oil content in cake 13% (approx)

Model YZP-24 is a pre-press expeller for continuous oil processing production. The pre-press is used in pre-pressing procedure before solvent extraction or twice pressing. The YZP-24 oil expeller is for processing materials of high oil content, such as peanuts, cotton seeds, rape seeds, sunflower seeds and etc.

The preliminary press is a continuous pressing euqipment which have passed the authentication of ISO9001-2000. It's popularly used in small and middle-sized oil factories. The characteristics are high capacity, little power consumption, low cost of moving. The structure of the press cake is soft but not smashed, and in favor of infiltration solvent, lower oil in cake etc.

The features of YZP-24 oil expeller

  • High capacity, less installation space, little power consumption and simple control & maintenance.
  • Pre-pressed cake, being loose but not crushed, is helpful to solvent penetration.
  • The percentage of oil and water content in cake are suitable for solvent extraction.
  • The pre-pressed oil is of higher quality than that obtained by single pressing or single solvent extraction.