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YZS-80A Integrated Oil Press

68 screw expeller
Model Capacity Power Packing Dimensions Weight
YZS-80A Integrated Oil Press 2-3T/24H 4KW 1860x670x1680mm

The YZL-80A integrated oil press is an automatic combined oil expeller press with multi-use. It is the new product developed by us according to the need of vegetable oil processing market. The integrated oil presses are developed based on the merit of original YZL series expeller press which combined with filtering barrels and heating circles for expeller housing. It also has automatic function of hot press and cold press.

The electrical heater can make the temperature of expeller housing increase automatically. The vaccum filter system is composed by two vaccum filter barrels. They can squeeze the unrefined oil, which promote the efficiency of the original oil presses. Meanwhile, it has the advantage of compact structure, small area occupied, reasonable design and low labor consumption. The designed machine is easy for clients to use and maintainance which show its human nature. The oil output is high and the oil quality is good.

YZS-80A integrated oil press