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Oil Seeds Cooker

Rotary Cooker for Groundnut Seeds, Sesame Seeds

oil seeds sieve
Product Name Power Capacity Overall Dimension
6GT-500 Rotary Cooker 1kw 150-200kg/h 1370×830×1180cm

Flat Plate Seed Cooker

oil seeds sieve
Product Name Power Capacity Overall Dimension
6GT-500 Flat Plate Cooker 1kw 150-200kg/h 1370×830×1180 cm

The Vegetable Oil Seeds Cooker have two types: rotary cooker and flat plate cooler. The First one is a kind of rotary cooker for processing peanuts, sesame seeds etc before extracting oil with oil press. The process refers to the Hot Press of oil press machine.

The oil seeds such as peanut (groundnut seeds), sesame seeds and other high oil content material can produce more oil out after hot press. Of course, there is a most suitable temperature for oil seeds cooker, which can be also called oil seeds roaster or oil seeds baker. The hot press increase the temperature of raw oil seeds, which make them more plastic. The plasticity of oil seeds material is appropriate for oil press.

Peanut Seeds Cooker and Sesame Seeds Cooker are commonly used in roasting oil seeds material. Rotary Cooker (Rotary Roaster, Rotary Baker) is the efficient oil seeds cooking machine for oil extraction with small capacity.

The flat plate oil seeds cooker have the advantage of low energy consumption. The oil seeds cooker is the oil seeds cooking machine for the use of direct fire drying equipment, mainly applied to rice bran, peanuts, rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean and other oils into the baking process before pressing to improve the rate of oil and lipin. With easy to install, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low investment and quick returns, is essential equipment to extract high quality oil.