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Peanut Sheller

oil seed dehuller
Capacity 400kg/hr
Shelling ratio ≥95%
Crushing ratio ≤5%
Cleaning degree ≥95.5%
Power YL9032-2P-2.2kw
Size 1200×660×1240mm
Weight 137kg
Worker required 1-2 person

Structure of 6BH-400B Peanut Sheller

The peanut Sheller is composed of rasp bar, split rail intaglio housing, feed hopper, rasp bar cylinder, split rail intaglio, blower fan, specific gravity separating sieve and wind transferring machine. It has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance and reliable quality.
6bh 400b Peanut Sheller

Working Principle

As peanuts are fed into the splitting chamber, the shells are separated from the kernel under the knocking force between rolling rasp bar and fixed split rail intaglio. Then the separated kernels and shells fall down through the front intaglio hole, where the wind from a flue blow away most of the shells, and kernels and some unshelled peanuts drop into a gravity separating sieve. In this sieve, kernels move towards the collecting sacks through the sieve surface, while the unshelled peanuts drop off the sieve. By adjusting the distance of split rail intaglio, the smaller peanuts can be shelled again.

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