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YZS-95 Oil Press

68 screw expeller sketch of YZS 95 vegetable press
Model YZS-95 Screw oil press
Capacity 5T per 24Hours
Power 11KW
Size 1920*550*765mm
Weight 480kg

The YZS-95 oil press is an advanced vegetable oil processing machinery, characterized by its reasonable design, easy operation, compact structure. The YZS series oil press have wide suitability, which can be used in many kinds of raw materials such as peanut seeds, canola seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and grass seeds etc. The process of oil extraction is continuous, featured high productivity.

Structure of YZS95 series Oil Press

The series oil presses are composed by feeder, gearbox, pressing chamber, screw worm shaft and base of machine etc. This kind of screw oil press belongs to dynamic screw pressing expeller. Our model of oil press is named by the diameter of press chamber, such as YZS-95 is the oil press with diameter 95cm press chamber.

Technical Features of YZS-95 Oil Press

  1. The rotating speed of worm shaft: 40-50 rpm
  2. Transmission rate of gearbox: 19/42*19/57=1:6.63
  3. Power to be matched: 5.5kw (960 rotation/minutes)
  4. The length of trigonal belt: 3150-4000(mm)
  5. Overall dimension(mm): 1320*540*1020 (length * width * heigth)
  6. The net weight of machine: about 330kg

Variants of YZS-95 Oil Press

YZS-95A oil expellerYZS-95C oil press
YZS-95C Oil Press with Pre-heater / The Sketch of YZS-95C Oil Press
Capacity 3-4T/24hrs
Power of motor 7.5 kw-1440rpm
Power of heater 1.5kw
Control Cabinet 380V, 50HZ, 3Phase

Pre-heated of Oil Press

The YZS series screw oil press can equip with a heater device. The heater is composed by electrical windings. It can be heated by electricity with control panel of oil press. The function of heater is to pre-heat the parts of pressing chamber. After heated, it will shorten the time of temperature rising. Only reach a certain temperature, oil can be extracted out from feedstock favourably.

Features of YZS-95C Oil Press

  1. The base of oil pressing machine is made of cast iron with stable performance
  2. The special structure of gearbox can keep the running of oil press at evenly rotating speed
  3. The main parts of oil pressing chamber is processed through tempering at high-temperature and quenching at low temperature
  4. Cake thickness can be adjusted once the machine stop running
  5. Superior grade oil cake
  6. Compact structure, stable function, simple maintenance
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